viernes, 24 de febrero de 2017


Here you have the document I made for you to give you a CLUE when asking in English.

Who?: Is referring to people. Asking about a person

Who took the cookie?
Who's your English teacher?
Who is coming to the party?

Why?: To obtain an explanation. Asking about a reason.

Always answer BECAUSE

Why aren't you coming? Because I am working.
Why are you sad? Because I lost my doll.
Why are you late? Because my alarm clock is broken.

What?: To refer to specific information. Asking about an 

idea, object or action.

What are you doing?
What time is it?
What's the weather like?
What's your favourite colour?

Where? Referring to a location. Asking about a place./ 


Where do you live?
Where is Mike?
Where are you coming from?

How many? Asking about a quantity. 

 ( countable)

How many countries have you visited?
How many Easter eggs have you found?
How many brothers or sisters do you have?