lunes, 6 de noviembre de 2017

1st and 2nd grade: Learning about the time: Days of the week, Months of the year, Seasons

Every day in class we say and write THE DATE.
We start by saying the Day of the Week, then we say the Month and finally the SEASON we are in.
With these funny songs you can learn all this. Enjoy them!




jueves, 2 de noviembre de 2017

Halloween crafts

In Arts and Crafts our students have had fun doing some Halloween activities.

The 1st graders made a scary self-portrait using straws to blow watercolours. I found this idea in the blog of an English teacher with great ideas. (Inglés en la mochila).

 They really had fun while doing this. Have a look at their amazing job.

The 2nd graders made this super cute flying bat paper plate craft. They enjoyed it so much that they wanted to do more flying creatures.

lunes, 23 de octubre de 2017

2nd grade. The alphabet song

Easy peasy song for 2nd graders. Don't forget to revise it because we will do Spelling Competitions in class very soon.

1st grade: Little Red Riding Hood

We have started the 2nd unit of this school year: Little Red Riding Hood. We enjoy singing this song in class.

Click here to watch the video

Apart from the story, we are also learning some parts of the body. We can practise them with this song.

And here I leave some games to have a good time and learn at the same time.

This is a Memory Game . Play at least twice to practise all the vocabulary.

Listen to the instructions to make a monster in this game.

In this game you can revise the colours and the parts of the face.

miércoles, 4 de octubre de 2017


You all know this song from last year. Let's start this school year revising the name of the colours.

I know you like games and this one is great. You'll love it.

WH- questions

Hi everyone! Do you remember the Wh- questions? Have a look at this.

And if you want to practise you can do it with this game.

miércoles, 27 de septiembre de 2017

Welcome to the school year 2017-2018

Dear families:

Welcome back to a new school year full of learning, joy, friendship and lots of experiences. We hope you enjoy it as much as you could.