martes, 24 de marzo de 2015

St. Patrick's day project at our school

During a whole week, all the children at school have been working and learning about St. Patrick's day.
Here you can see some of the works they have done. Aren't they great?

Pre- Primary student working on her St. Patrick's card and drawing.

1st grade students doing their Leprechauns.

Funny Leprechauns by 1st grade students.

2nd grade students co-operating to reproduce the Leprechaun's story.

Students from 4th grade colouring and cutting shamrocks.

3rd grade students making a red chain for the rainbow.
The students of 5th grade made this dancing Leprechauns.

With all the hard work the students and also the teachers did, our English classroom now looks like this.

And to end up this project... why don't we make a photocall?

 We hope you have enjoyed this project as much as we have done.
 Ready for the next one?